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Global Stitching strive to Provide best quality service with in very competitive price by keeping the customer's budget in mind.

We work in Two different options for customer's convenience


First Option:


$2 / 1000 stitches Min $10 up till 8,000 stitches.

For Jacket Back $40 to $100 Maximum. (Depending on the complexity of design)

Vector Art: $15-$50 Maximum depending on complexity of artwork.


Second Option (FLAT RATES):


$10 for 12,000 stitches design

$15 for 20,000 stitches design.

$20 unlimited stitches for Left Chest Logos.

For Jacket Back $40-$100 Maximum.(Depending on the complexity of design)


If you have order with large volume we can offer special rates as we offer to our platinum customers.


Please note Price is negotiable you may give your best possible price and we would love to consider